Legend has it that when the travelers of the Appian Way rode through the ancient quarter of Cittadella, in Bisceglie, Puglia, these stopped to rest in a noble palace, raising on the fields close to the shore. Known for their hospitality, the lords of the palazzo were called "Kapsott": this was the nickname of the Papagni family, noblemen of the Cittadella and lords of extensive properties all over the lands of Puglia. They say the Papagnis used to walk head down - "kapsott" in the local dialect - to examine the ground for new plantations, "for the soil was the most precious treasure one can own".

Signor Sergio Papagni built the palazzo of Cittadella on an existing mansion in the year 1911 and it still belongs to the heirs of the Papagnis, who have restored it in the name of the family tradition of hospitality. The palazzo has gotten its early 20th century prestige back, enriched with modern comfort and retro minimal design. The legend of Kapsott comes back to life and the treasure of the Papagni family unveils itself to its guests.